Authentic and genuine

Our menu endeavours to honour a long-standing tradition, brimming with authentic flavours, in order to hand down and keep alive a lush gastronomic experience with a touch of originality.

Our cuisine is performed with rigour and attention to quality.
Fresh and seasonal raw materials reach our pantry every day, thanks to the small local producers who guarantee a careful selection of zero-kilometre food.
So, please, do not sulk if sometimes your favourite dish doesn’t happen to be on the menu – we follow the seasonality of food to offer you taste and genuineness all year round!

Glossary of Roman cuisine

Lardo di Colonnata

Cured pig lard from Tuscany, aged in marble basins.
Its ideal use is natural, cut into thin slices. In the past it was considered a simple condiment or the “poor” companion for quarry workers, given the great nutritional value.


Small intestine of the milk or ox calf, which is used above all for the preparation of a typical pasta dish, the rigatoni with the pajata, for which the second part of the small intestine is used.

Coda alla vaccinara

Oxtail stew with celery, carrots, tomatoes and aromatic herbs.


Lamb’s offal.
These cuts are used in all Italian regional cuisines to make various traditional dishes, such as fried coratella, stewed coratella and coratella with artichokes of the Roman culinary tradition.